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Question & Answer

Q1) Why the tempered glass protector was crack? 9H? Warranty?

A: The protector is basic from the glass. So, it got crack by something. Most of the time, it caused by objects because people do not pay attention to it, even it can reach Pencel Testing Hardness 9. It gets scratches from something harder like to face to desk or quartz in the dust. Protector is a consumption item, no lifetime warranty. To getting better protection, we recommend you wear protective phone cases, especially the frame is higher from edges to avoid face to a desk. hoda warrants these Products against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. We offer a replacement if products have a problem with new purchases, but not including the daily usage. 

For product care, please use the cloth and water to clean it, no need to use alcohol. Of course, to use alcohol to clean is fine sometimes.

Q2) What's different from 2.5D to 3D glass protector? 
A: 3D glass protector can cover more to the phone edges, looks like origin screen, and perfect. However, some phone cases are cover to the screen more, so that, it might push out the protector and got the bubble line from edges. The 2.5D glass protector is a size smaller than 3D, it’s suitable for more cases in the market.

Q3) What's different between glass protectors and plastic protective films?
The glass protector can reach to pencil testing hardness 9 because of the materials. It’s better performance on scratch and anti-shock function than plastic film. It’s consumption products in which those two materials can anti-scratch and reduce the impact of damage of usage. hoda continually improves on the anti-smudge surface, anti-fingerprint, and durable for easy clean. It will be gone on nano-coating when it uses a period of time (3-6 months normal use). We recommend replacing it if necessary.

Q4) Why there are bubbles from edges?
Due to different tolerances on the edge of the screen of mobile phones, it might get bubble lines from the edge or not fit well. We do use the proper adhesive for the different models of mobile phones, however, it can’t fit in some cases. Because the tolerances are too big different or not match the standard from the original production. The bubble line doesn’t affect the operation and is not the defect of the glass protector, just not a perfect outlook when it installs on screen. To solve this issue, you can use UV glue to fill the gap and use the UV light to fix it.

Q5) How to install UV Glass Protector? Does it affect the fingerprint scan? 

A: It won't affect the fingerprint, unlock without concern. Please reset the fingerprint after installation.
Please go to Youtube
  [hoda Global]  or [hoda Taiwan] 

1) Before installation, please put on the "Glue block" sticker to block the glue to flow through the ear speaker, power button, volume button, speakers, and connector...The phone might get damaged if the UV glue is in it.
2) Re-watch the installation videos to know well.
3) Please recheck the screen is clean carefully.

Q6-1) Why we don't have Sapphire products for curved screens?
The hardness of synthetic sapphire protectors can reach 9 on the Mohs scale, next to diamonds. The technology now can only be cut, it cannot be shaped to curve from high temperatures.

Q6-2) Why the Sapphire protector product can be cracked?
Because of its high hardness, sapphire screen products are better than glass products in terms of anti-scratch and wear resistance. It is the top level of anti-scratch on the market, however, it might get cracked from the edges still. We recommend wearing the phone case with the raised frame from the screen, to avoid damage if it’s hit by something harder.

Q6-2) The caution for installation and troubleshooting, please take the notes below.
The bubbles can be solved, it's no way to go if you do the wrong way. Please lift up the protector to the bubbles and push it out to the edges slowly and gently. Please take more attention, don’t bend it to cause the break.
Please lift up the protector to the dust and stick it out slowly and gently. Please take more attention, don’t bend it to cause the break.

Q7) Did it color transfer after using the phone cases?
The case military standard is made of TPU+PC / TPU+glass. The TPU, because of the material and personal usage, will slowly turn yellow and dirty after daily use, which is a natural change. The material PC and glass, will become dirty or have slight scratches with time, and will not turn yellow.

Payment Term

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Please sign up for an account on PayPal.com first and fill in all the info of the receiver, to get through smoothly. If the payment can't complete, you can change to another credit card or recheck your credit card limit or send to Palpal.com / credit card Bank. Please use the [none-WIFI connection ] to pay with security. 


Return / Replacement

hoda warrants its products (collectively, the “hoda Products”) on a limited basis against defects in material or workmanship for their applicable Limited Warranty Period, subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Limited Warranty.
1) Defect product
2) Wrong Products received from purchased
* * * Not including the damage caused by the installation or personal use.

Send a request for a Return / Replacement
Step1. Login to your account.
Step2. Check the Order list.
Step3. Write the details with photos into "Shop and Customer Comments" and submit it.
(We will reply to you within 72 working hours)

IMPORTANT: We will not be responsible for any shipping fees incurred from the order return or replacement. For any possible import duties, taxes, and charges, buyers are responsible for these charges. 

* If you can't find the order on the list, please send us a mail to check for you.
>>> hodashop@tw-hoda.com 
( Order details: Date, Name, Address, Phone Number, Product Name, Quantity, What issue is for the product)

Duties, Taxes, and More.
Any possible import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the product price or shipping fee. Buyers are responsible for these charges. Please double check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be before purchasing. The carrier will not return such a package to us until these fees are properly paid. If the package is refused or abandoned at customs or receiver, we will remain the right to deduct it from the initial refund amount.

*Please fill in the details in English.  (Please make sure "Passport Name" and the "ZIP / Postal Code" are correct.) Thanks for your cooperation. (China/HongKong/Macau excluded)
*Please fill in the "Full Name and Address" with Region in Chinese when the receiver is located in China, Hong Kong or Macau.

Service Request Limited

Please send the pictures and descript to us within 7 days after receiving the parcel, and the service cases shall be finished within 5 days, no return after that.

Free Shipping Information
We process and ship orders placed between Monday-Friday (GMT+8). If your order is not in this period, we will arrange it from the next business day. Delivery is estimated 7-15 days to arrive. (It might be longer because of force majeure from carrier arrangement)

Free Standard Shipping for orders over the following amount on selected countries.

#Remote Area additional Fee: The delivery might attract a Remote Area surcharge if the receiver address is out of the main city or not the routine area. 
#The new free shipping standard rates are according to the actual situation. We will send the update if any changes.

  • $35 USD (If not, $8 USD) :
    Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand
    Hong Kong, Macao
  • $100 USD (If not, $25 USD) :
    Japan, Korea, Brunei
  • $120 USD (If not $29.99 USD) :
    USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Sweden,
    Italy, Vietnam, Philippines,Australia, 
    Indonesia, Portugal,  New Zealand,
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     India, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria
    Poland, Norway, Romania
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    Turkey, Brazil
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    United Arab Emirates , Qatar , Russia

IMPORTANT: We will not be responsible for any shipping fees incurred from the order return or replacement. For any possible import duties, taxes, and charges, buyers are responsible for these charges. 

Not on the list? 
If your region is not included in the list, please email us to check. 
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