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Best is what suits you.

Most people are looking for hi quality, functional and affordable products all the time. What's the best meaning? Price concerning, the function required, outlook design, even have fun or not. hoda focus on developing and thinking about how is most important for your personal life. Best is what suits you, this is our value core.

Company Profile

DIJUN TECH is founded in 2007, It has drawn a lot of attention from telecommunication companies when first entered the Taiwanese market and was placed on shelves in retail and franchise stores of major telecommunication service providers such as Taiwan Mobile and Far Eastone. Its quality and price were well-favored by consumers in Taiwan and has brought good sales records.

In 2012, DIJUN TECH Shenzhen Branch is established, at the same time, adding the brand name of “hoda” as a brand name for 3C accessories. Since DIJUN TECH specializes in manufacturing for screen protective films, its products are the most professional and marketable from its portfolio. The term “hoda” is a homophone in the Taiwanese dialect for “good adherence,” to which its equivalent expression in Mandarin Chinese shares the similar Chinese characters and pronunciation. That is the reason why “hoda” is written together with those Chinese characters for its product name.

“hoda” products are designed along the principles of sophistication, profession, fashion, and uniqueness, so that the unique user like you will easily stand out from among many personalized products. hoda is your best choice for the mobile accessories in your daily life, focus on the screen protector, cable, charger and so on.

Headquarter (Taiwan)

Key Point: High Standard Nano Coating, Durable and Easy Clean

Do you get this concern before? Why people buy a protector for the phone?  Need it or not? Do you know the surface of the device won't feel smooth as origin after a few weeks later? The drop damage will cost you a lot if you don't pay attention, so that, to find a durable protector is most important. hoda is concentrated on coating technology, the higher standard required in production, durable and easy clean to keep it as usual as invisible.